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The benefits of floatation are endless. This is the ultimate in relaxation for the mind and body. Body Check recommend a minimum course of of 3 floats as an introductory period. This is because the sensation improves dramatically after the intial floatation session. Any reservations a person may have concerning floating are lifted after the first float, allowing the second float to be a much more relaxed experience. The sensation will simply continue to improve after each session.

To create an atmosphere of weightlessness in the floatation pod we mix almost 700lbs of Epson salts to 170 gallons of water, creating a 10" deep solution in the pod. This salted water is then heated to approx 35°C (body temperature).

When you lay flat in the pod your body will be completely free from the forces of gravity. With your body laying in a weightless state, every single muscle in your body is free from tension and able to totally relax. Only during a floatation session is this possible.

Lying in complete peace and tranquility allows your body and mind to switch off and find a level of relaxation that cannot be reached by normal traditional methods.

It is well known that sleep is essential to good health. Our bodies need sleep and rest to allow the body to recuperate. Floatation therapy is even more relaxing due to the lack of pressure on the body. This deep relaxed state allows the body to recover from stress, pain is then relieved and blood flow stimulated.

The body's natural pain killers (endorphins) are released during this state of relaxation.

Controlled tests have shown that athletic performance is improved by floating before an event. Improvements due to regular floatation therapy have produced improved results in the following areas:

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What to Expect

We want your floatation experience to be a great one. The session itself will take an hour, but you will need to shower before and after your float.

On your first visit a demonstration will take place. As you enter the float room, relaxing music will be playing. After taking a shower you are free to enter the pod. Once settled, you will quickly adapt to your gravity-free environment.

After an hour of floating, soft music will gently awaken you from your dreamy state. You can then shower and change. When ready please feel free to come to the reception and relax with a complimentary drink.


Q: Will I feel claustrophobic?
A: This is the question everyone asks. The answer is that it is very unlikely as you are always in control of the pod. The float can be taken with the lights on or off, and the pod door can be opened or closed from inside the pod. Music can be continuous or turned off. Whatever you want - you get!

Q: Is it clean?
A: Extremely. Nothing harmful can live in such salty water. After every session the contents of the pod are filtered and purified. The tank is totally clean and sterile - much healthier than your local swimming pool!

Q: Could I drown if I fall asleep?
A: No. The buoyancy of the salty water makes it impossible for you to go beneath the surface. You are totally safe.

Q: What do I need to bring with me?
A: Bring a swimming costume with you. The door to your room is closed and your privacy assured. Bring your own toiletries if you wish, although we do have our own. Please bring your own towels.

Please remember to refrain from shaving your body on the day of your floatation session, as the salt water will cause irritation during your floatation session.

Q: How often should I float?
A: It sounds like a sales trick, but you will definitely benefit from regular sessions. Your first float will feel slightly awkward to start with; this is why we strongly recommend you take advantage of a starter pack of 3 sessions. By your second float you will be totally at ease with the situation and the benefits will be evident. The first stage of relaxation will arrive much quicker the more you float. The quicker you relax the greater the experience. For best results we recommend that you float with the lights off and the pod roof closed, but this is entirely up to you. The more you float, the more comfortable with the surroundings you will become.

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